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Versa Base Station – EcoTech Marine

৳ 99.00
Expand your Versa pump array and save on power cords with Versa Base Station and Power Supply from EcoTech Marine. 

Apex Solenoid Valve

৳ 99.00
SOLENOID VALVE This 24VDC powered, normally-closed (NC), solenoid valve has push-fit tubing input and outputs designed for standard 1/4″ tubing.

Bubble Magus MR-150 Media Reactor (MR150)

Bubble Magus MR-150 Media Reactor Multipurpose filter for use with GFO, Carbon and Bio-Pellets External Foot Print: 190x190mm ( approximately

Single 35ppt Salinity Calibration Sachet – Hanna HI70024P

HI70024P is a premium quality 35.00 ppt salinity calibration solution that is NIST traceable and contained in portable single-use sachets.

FlorAffix Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Gel (Glue) 3 x30g – Two Little Fishies

FlorAffix makes your creative aquascaping task a snap. No more using black thread to attach plants on driftwood or stones,

Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg) 1L

Red Sea Reef Foundation C Magnesium (Mg) 1 Litre/1000ml Red Sea’s Reef Foundation program is designed to provide optimum conditions

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