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Ecotech Marine MP40w Vortech Quiet Drive

৳ 99.00
The VorTech is no less amazing today than when it first revolutionized the aquarium hobby. Three generations of pumps, over

Ecotech Marine Vectra Battery Backup Booster

৳ 98.00
The Ecotech Marine Vectra Battery Backup Booster will plug in directly between the controller on the Vectra series of pumps

Vectra S1/M1 Barb & Screen Kit – Ecotech Marine

৳ 99.00
Perfect for submersible return pump applications. The barbed fitting will allow the Vectra pump to use soft tubing for plumbing,

Versa Base Station – EcoTech Marine

৳ 99.00
Expand your Versa pump array and save on power cords with Versa Base Station and Power Supply from EcoTech Marine.