Vectra S1/M1 Barb & Screen Kit – Ecotech Marine

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Perfect for submersible return pump applications. The barbed fitting will allow the Vectra pump to use soft tubing for plumbing,

NPX Bioplastics 200ml – Two Little Fishies

About this item This product is easy to use This product adds a great Value This product is Manufactured in

Bubble Magus 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity Powder Kit

Bubble Magus 2 Part Calcium & Alkalinity Kit includes pre-portioned pouches of calcium, alkalinity: A – Calcium Chloride (Makes 1

Ecotech Marine Radion RMS Hanging Kit – XR655

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This hanging kit comes with everything you need to suspend your Ecotech Marine Radion LED lighting system over your aquarium.


Apex Trident Reagent Kit (6 Month Supply) – Neptune Systems

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Kits include:
  • Six bottles of Reagent A (changed every month),
  • Three bottles of Reagent B (changed every two months)
  • Three bottles of Reagent C (changed every two months),
  • Bottles of calibration seawater sample.

Vectra M2 – Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (2000 GPH) – Ecotech Marine

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Battery Backup Compatible In an aquarium with no flow, fish and corals begin to die in as little as 4 to 10 hours. The Battery Backup is reef tank insurance in an aluminum housing. By adding the Battery Backup, your tank is insulated from power interruptions, helping protect your valuable investment -and your tank inhabitants. *Hours are estimated and will vary depending on battery life, pump mode, and other factors.   Cost Savings Traditional AC pumps, when used as a return pump for your sump, are flow controlled through the use of a choke valve. This method of control is inherently inefficient for two reasons. 1) The AC pump purchased must often be overpowered for your given setup to allow for flexibility. 2) By adding artificial impedance to your flow, electricity is wasted. The Vectra pump will always operate at the optimum efficiency because there is no need to use a flow restricting valve to achieve your desired flow rate.   Specifications
  • Max Flow: 2000 GPH
  • Max Head Height: 21.5 Feet
  • Footprint: 4.5" L x 7.5" W
  • Input Fitting*: 1.25" (31.75mm)
  • Output Fitting*: 1" (25mm)
  • Power Supply: 96W

Two Little Fishies Chalice Power Coral Food 30g

Nutritious negatively buoyant planktonic food For growing Chalice corals For all filter-feeding invertebrates, including clams, sea cucumbers, hard and soft



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Red Sea MAX®S-Series True REEF-SPEC® for a successful reef

The MAX REEF-SPEC® performance criteria is the result of Red Sea’s years of research into the sustainable growth of all corals, including the most delicate “SPS” corals, in an artificial reef environment. This knowledge, gained over 25 years, forms the basis for the specification of all MAX® Aquarium systems designs.

Neptune Apex LD-2 Solid Surface Leak Detection Probe ( NEW VERSION )

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This sensor plugs into your FMM and, using reflected infrared light, will signal your Apex when it changes state from

Bubble Magus Protein Skimmer AS-1C Hang On Back

Suited aquarium:100-300L ( 30 to 80gal ) Pump: BUBBLE-MAGUS ROCK SP1000 Pump Sep.:AC 120V/60Hz, 15W Size: 6.7″ x 4″ x

ZOPLAN 30g/1 OZ – Two Little Fishies

12345678910 Add to Cart ADD TO WISH LIST ZoPlan is a blend of dried crustaceans and other sea creatures that


Neptune Apex Systems AFS Automatic Feeding System

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Add even more convenience to your Apex Controller with the AFS Automatic Feeding System from Neptune Systems. Automate your feedings

Ecotech Marine Radion Gen 5 XR15 Pro LED

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LED Details
  • 12x Cool White
  • 16x Royal Blue
  • 8x Blue
  • 2x Photo Red
  • 3x Green
  • 2x UV (405nm)
  • 2x UV (415nm)
  • 2x Violet
  • 3x Warm White
  • 2x Lunar Light
  • Dimensions: 7" L x 7" W x 1.5" H
  • Cable Length: 13 Feet
  • Power Input: 100-240VAC 1.3A 50/60Hz
  • Variable Usage (MAX): 105W
  What's Included?
  • XR15 G5 Pro Radion LED Fixture
  • Power Supply
  • Power Adapter Cable
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Eyelet Mounts
  • Quick Start Guide
  Mounting Ecotech offers multiple types of mounting solutions for the G5 family of Radion LED lights. From full tank track systems letting you use multiple G5 Radion lights, to single light RMS mounting arms and hanging kits. Gen 4 Tank Mount with Gen 5 Adapter Bundle - Currently, official Gen 5 Mounting Arm Kits have an extended ETA, however the only change to these kits is the RMS slide mount. We currently have Tank Mounts with the Gen 5 adapter bundled together which will contain all necessary parts to make this a Gen 5 Mount which will work seamlessly with your XR15 G5. RMS Mounting Arm - New with Gen 5 are RMS single mounts and accessories. The new single mount RMS kits for the XR15 and XR30 will also work with all previous models of Radion. Upgrade kits to update original RMS kits to be G5 compatible are also available. The new X-Bracket assembly raises the light an additional 1/2 inch without increasing the bracket height. Lights may be mounted at 90-degree increments. RMS Track System - The 3 piece system lets you mount multiple Radion lights in a single track that lets you slide them back and forth to create the best coverage for your tank. The multi-light rail kit is available in lengths up to 8ft and is perfect for larger tanks, letting you use either a hanging kit to suspend the track system or the RMS Arm Kit for a tank mounting option. RMS multi-light kits work with both XR15 and XR30 model lights or a mixture of both. All new G5 X-Brackets fit the existing RMS multilight kit. RMS Hanging Kit If tank mounting is not an option for your multilight rail - or you prefer an even more minimal aesthetic - hang the multi-light rail. New G5 X-Brackets for the XR15 and XR30 are sleek and bring the lights 1/2 inch closer to the rail.  

Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor CR200WP

Model:  CR200 WP Pump : WP2000 Power : 110V ,40W Internal volume : 6L Size: 9.06 in x 12.29 in x


Hanna High Range Copper Checker HI-702

Ideal for freshwater & saltwater aquariums. The HI-702 Copper high range Checker is a simple, accurate and cost effective way

BM Medium Filter Roller (ARF-M)

The filter is a high-efficiency water filtration system which effectively removes suspended particles such as detritus, food, organic waste from

Your Choice Aquatics Auto Top-Off Large

Polished Clear and White Acrylic 1/4″ tube valve stem 1/4″ push connect ball valve Removable Top Lid Dimensions: 16″x10″x15″

Apex FMM Optical Level Sensor OS-1 With Magnetic Mount

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Optical sensors are the go-to sensor if you want a reliability over a long period of time. The Neptune Optical


APEX ATK Automatic Top-Off Kit

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The ATK (Automatic Top-off Kit) is a simple, standalone, and complete solution for replacing water lost to evaporation. The new

Neptune Apex Display

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If you want to monitor and control your Apex quickly, from outlet status, float locations, enabling feed modes, and much

Neptune Apex Base Module ( OLD MODEL )

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The Apex Base Unit is basically the brains of your entire Apex System. The Apex Base Unit (ABU) is far

Neptune Apex WAV Single Pump

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WAV™ Extreme Flow for your Aquarium Neptune Systems has been proving you ability to control your tanks in every aspect